中村むつお(Voice,Cho,DJ)、sadakata(VJ,Vo)、藤井健司(Ba, Syn,Cho)の三人による、新宿、渋谷、六本木を中心に活動するエレクトロでオルタナティブな3ピースバンド。2015年、中村のソロプロジェクトとして活動を開始。その後、VJのsadakata、藤井健司が加入し現体制となる。



2020年自主レーベルVARIxVARIをスタートさせ、海外中国レーベルのLuuv Labelと契約するなど国内だけには止まらない活躍を見せている。

An electro and alternative three-piece band by three people, Mutsoo Nakamura (Voice, Cho, DJ), sadakata (VJ, Vo), and Kenji Fujii (Ba, Syn, Cho), who are active mainly in Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Roppongi. In 2015, started activities as Nakamura’s solo project. After that, VJ’s sadakata and Kenji Fujii joined and became the current system.

The sound and catchy melody line that absorbs elements such as electro, house, and trap by track maker Nakamura is truly unexperienced future pop! At live performances, you can experience their unique uplifting feeling in combination with sadakata’s colorful and stylish VJs.

Released 1st album “tomodati” in 2019. The lead song “1000%” is also used as the opening song for the TV Tokyo series drama “~ Energetic Rice ~ Tachi Eater!”, Which is the first terrestrial work directed by Company Matsuo, a charismatic AV world.

In 2020, he started his own label, VARIxVARI, and signed a contract with the overseas Chinese label Luuv Label, showing his activities that are not limited to Japan.



mutsuo nakamura

hana sadakata

kenji fujii